‘Riverdale’ reinvents Archie with a ‘Twin Peaks’ twist, and we dare you not to love it – Shop Now

‘Riverdale’ reinvents Archie with a ‘Twin Peaks’ twist, and we dare you not to love it

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When Luke Perry was growing up in small town Ohio, sharing a tiny bedroom in a trailer with his brother, he took sanctuary with a stack of comic books piled high in his closet. He’d pull issues from his stash and read them diligently by flashlight, and amid the many superheroes and sci-fi epics there was another favorite – a staple of the medium since debuting in 1941: the quaint, relatable, all-American adventures of teenager Archie Andrews and his high school pals, rivals and crushes, set in the idyllic town of Riverdale, U.S.A.

Today, Perry – no stranger to series centered around iconic locales, thanks to his stint on Beverly Hills 90210 – is among the cast of Riverdale, The CW’s ambitious and decidedly edgier take on the 75-year-old comic book series.

Veering away from the wholesome vibe that many associate with classic Archie, the drama adds a Twin Peaks-inspired aura of mystery, danger and controversy to the small town proceedings.

For instance, in the pilot episode, our redheaded, freckle-faced hero, played by New Zealander K.J. Apa, indulges in a steamy backseat tryst with his teacher Miss Grundy – reimagined from the comics’ silver-haired spinster into the much younger, more curvaceous form of actress Sarah Habel. Not only that — the site of their forbidden dalliance soon puts them in uncomfortable proximity to the season’s unfolding murder mystery. (read in here )