PetChatz Greet & Treat Videophone, is The Award Winning, First-of-kind Greet

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Product description

PetChatz is the award winning, first-of-kind Greet & Treat videophone that allows pet parents to interact with their pet from anywhere. With PetChatz, you can see, hear, speak to, provide a comforting scent and give your pet a treat using a smart phone or computer. PetChatz also has sound and motion detection that sends you alerts of a sound or motion event. With PetChatz, you can have peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and happy in your absence. You never have to miss a moment with PetChatz.

Customer Reviews

So many problems, where to start? This product promises HD quality video. If you design something with HD, you should design it to be capable of streaming HD video in decent speed without such a huge lag or jumpiness which makes you wonder why they even bothered. For such a lack of bandwidth they might as well just have kept things in SD. So even that, they couldn’t deliver properly. This is very likely causes by making their device stream to their server as bottleneck and not providing direct interface on device itself.

So here are list of problems:

A good networking device will have its own web interface and not force you to use company’s web interface as the middle man
(this may not, but has potential depending on their network setup and capability to cause bottle necking and potential outages and more points of failure)
So, think hard about this one. If for some reason their server goes down, now you aren’t able to talk to your pet as intended. Even if everything
in your own home networking is working perfectly fine.
If their server is slow then the whole HD quality capable camera and electronic component feature goes out the window.
If it did have its own web url and web interface, I as a person who is tech savvy could just setup my own secure connection and maximize the bandwidth capability.

Power Cable is too damn short. So, if you are smart and do not want to follow their guideline of putting the device over the outlet panel and losing that unused outlet for no good reason, then you want to try to mount it somewhere else and run the cable. However, the power cable they provide is SOOOOOOOO short, you can’t. It is shorter than my foot.

Treat container doesn’t fit snuggly and is loose and wobbles around inside so you have to be careful when you open the case as it might pop out.

Treat dispenser only dispenses a tiny “training treat” size pebbles which they recommend you buy from them or rather tell you that device ONLY works with their treats which is absolutely appalling. I bought your device, but I’m not going to sell my soul and be forced to buy all treats from you. So, because treats that are capable with this thing is so tiny, if you have a dog anything bigger than a rat size chihuahua, you will be pressing dispense buttons more than once.

To clarify why it was raised to 3 stars. Problems listed above still exist, however the seller was nice enough to send me a stand to fix the issue I had with idea of having to mount it over the power outlet. It was provided free and it helped me reposition it. I hope they start doing this for everyone. Rather than charging, I hope they start including the stand. (source: )

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