Hohem GOPRO Hero 7 Gimbal iSteady Pro 3-Axis Handheld Stabilizer – Exceeded Expectations!!!

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Product Description

Brand &Model: Hohem iSteady Pro

Main Material: High performance composite materials

Compatibility: For GoPro Hero 6/5/4/3, for Sony RX0, for SJCAM SJ4000-SJ6000, for YI cam, AEE, Akaso, Eken and other action cameras with similar dimensions and weight

Working Modes & Mode Button Operation: Pan following (Single click); Pan and tilt following (Double click); All locked (Triple click); All following (Quartic click); Calibration (Long press for 6 seconds)

Tilting Angle: 320° Rolling Angle: 320° Panning Angle: 640°

Battery Type: 2 * 18650 rechargeable lithium battery(3.7V, 2000mAh, 90g)

Battery Runtime: 12 hours

Charging Time: 3.5 hours

Operation Temperature: -10℃ ~ 45℃

Firmware Upgrade: Yes

Charging for Action Camera: Yes

APP Setting: Yes

Extended Interface: Two 1/4″ inch screw holes (on the side of handle and on the bottom)

Item Weight: 365g / 12.9oz

Package Size: 29.8 * 14 * 5.2cm / 11.7 * 5.5 * 2in

iSteady Pro Gimbal — Born for Outdoor Sports




Powerful GoPro Gimbal

Making sure your gimbal’s balance points are set correctly is very important for good stabilization performance. The Hohem Gimbal can achieve better balance with the less strain/power is required from each of the brushless motors and IMUs.

  • Brushless High Torque Motors

These four Brushless Motors used in gimbals are very similar to the brushless motors used in multirotors, RC aircraft and drones.

Hohem Gimbal motors feature a built in position encoder in the motor which supplements camera position to the stabilization controller.

  • Upgraded Position Sensors (IMU)

IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units) are responsible for sending camera acceleration and positioning data to the gimbals controller. IMU sensors for gimbals have a built in gyro-meter that needs to be calibrated on start up.



Always Power On

  • Two-Way Charging and Longer Runtime

iSteady Pro can not only support power input and output, also support phone charging via USB cable.

  • Safe Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Hohem Gimbals are powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. Hohem Gimbal Li-Ion Battery feature Over Charge and Over Discharge Protection, which is important to maintain overall battery health and life.

  • Your Another Power Bank

12 Hours Runtime is durable for your creation.The stabilizer can be charged by portable power bank and the smart phone can be charged with USB cable.

Control Panel

iSteady Pro allows you to install more professional gears while you are in various application scenes.

For example, the built-in ¼-20 threaded handle allows you to mount the gimbal to any tripod, monopod and other extension handheld; or handgrip for cycling or camera installing.


iSteady Pro Gimbal — A Great Partner for GoPro Shooter





Ergonomic Handheld Buttons

Control Panel Design

iSteady Mobile is designed with a 4-Way joystick on its control panel to easily recognize and switch between different gimbal modes, and multi-function slider for zoom&focus.

Focus Pull & Zoom Capability

By pressing the F1/F2 slider, gimbal achieves high-precision focus/zoom changes in real time to create creative shots. You can also zoom in or out as you want to take close-up shots. On the side, there are 4 Battery Indicator of battery life, each light represents 25% battery.

Pan/Tilt/Roll-Axis Four Modes

Stabilization Modes

12Featuring 4 easy-to-use stabilization modes, the iSteady Pro allow you to replicate the same dolly shots seen in multi-million dollar productions :

  • PAN FOLLOW MODE – Tilt & Roll axis are locked. Pan axis rotates smoothly with turn of wrist. Use joystick up & down to control tilt angle of camera.
  • PAN TILT FOLLOW MODE – Roll axis are locked. Pan axis and tilt axis move smoothly.
  • LOCK MODE – Tilt, Roll and Pan axis are locked. Use joystick to manually control pan & tilt.
  • ALL FOLLOW MODE – Roll axis is locked. Pan and Tilt axis smoothly follow handle. Use joystick left and right to adjust the horizon angle (dutch).

Capacity To Most Action Cameras

Action cameras like the GoPro Hero Series,Garmin, Yi,SJ Series are a great choice for versatile on-the-go film making. If you ever used a GoPro before then you know first hand that getting quality stable video can be a huge challenge especially when your trying to accomplish moving shots such as capturing first person view or shooting from a moving platform like a truck or a motorcycle.


Hohem GimSet APP

Hohem handheld gimbal for GoPro will not only drastically improve the smoothness of your shots, but also it will also allow you to use Hohem GimSet APP get much more usable footage which overall will improve your best videos and capture your audience’s attention in a row.

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