Evolution DISCCUT1 12-Inch Disc Cutter, Orange

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Product description

Evolution’s Electric Disc Cutter easily cuts Concrete, Stone, Brick, and Paving, even reinforced concrete, with the supplied 12″ diamond blade. The powerful 15Amp / 1800W motor makes easy work of the most robust materials and because it is electric there are no harmful fumes, making it ideal for work in enclosed areas. The ergonomic support handles are ideally positioned for perfect balance when cutting and the spindle lock mechanism means blade replacement is quick and simple.  (source : amazon.com )


From the manufacturer


Electric Concrete and Masonry Saw

Evolution 15-Amp Electric Disc Cutter with 12 inch Diamond Blade

Max Cutting Depth: 4 inches. Cuts concrete, stone and brick. Electric powered. 12 inch diamond blade included. With 3 years limited warranty. Now with a 15 Amp Plug!  (source : amazon.com )

Features & Benefits

cut concrete, brick, stone, reinforced concrete, paving

Robust & Versatile

The Evolution electric disc cutter makes easy work out of the most robust materials and easily cuts concrete, even extremely tough reinforced concrete, stone, brick, paving and other stone materials.  (source : amazon.com )

Safer & More Economical

The ideal alternative to high maintenance, petrol-powered disc cutters! With a 15 Amp (1800W) hi-torque, heavy duty electric motor means no harmful fumes are emitted, making it ideal for work in enclosed areas and very easy-to-use.  (source : amazon.com )

Easy To Use & Carry

The ergonomic soft-grip, mid-position, front and rear support handles are ideally positioned to aid accurate cutting in both horizontal and vertical modes. The safety guard is fully adjustable making it easy to use and carry.  (source : amazon.com )

Huge Cutting Capacity

Supplied with a 12-inch diamond blade, the disc cutter can achieve a large 4-inch max. cutting depth through progressive/ incremental cutting. The spindle lock mechanism allows the blade replacement to be quick and simple.  (source : amazon.com )

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