Emma Watson fun facts: 23 things to know about ‘Beauty and the Beast’ star

From Hermione to Belle: Emma Watson through the years
23 things you might not know about Emma Watson
British actress Emma Watson broke onto the scene in 2001 as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise. In the years since the series has ended, Watson has gone one to make a name for herself both in Hollywood and the fashion world. With the release of Disney’s live-action ‘Beauty and the Beast’ yesterday, Emma finds herself taking on yet another iconic role, this time as Belle.
Check out our slide show of fun facts about Watson to learn more about the actress and what the future might hold for her.
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1. Emma Watson was born in France
Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born April 15, 1990 in Paris. Her parents divorced when she was young at which point she moved back to England with her mother.
2. Where did Emma go to school?
Watson attended the prestigious Dragon School in Oxford.
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3. Hermione was her first role
While she appeared in multiple stage plays beforehand, Watson’s professional acting debut was as Hermione Granger in ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’
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4. Lending a hand in Hollywood
Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint added their prints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in 2007.
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5. We almost had a different Hermione
While the ‘Harry Potter’ films continued to be a huge box office draw, Watson was hesitant to continue in the role after the 5th film. Could you imagine another actress as Hermione?
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6. She had a thing for bad boys
While she was close with both of her Potter co-stars, it was bad boy Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) that she had a crush on.
7. On the BBC
Watson starred in the film adaptation of Noel Streatfeild’s ‘Ballet Shoes’ on the BBC. It was her first non-Potter role.
8. She’s done voice work too
Watson voiced the character Princess Pea in the film ‘The Tale of Despereaux’ which also included Matthew Broderick, Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Kline.
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9. She’s an ivy league grad
Watson graduated from Brown University in 2014. She majored in English Lit.
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10. Beyond Harry Potter
As Watson transitioned her career following the end of the Harry Potter series, she appeared in films such as ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower,’ ’This is the End’ and ‘Noah’.
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11. Showing off some ‘Bling’
Watson also appeared in ‘The Bling Ring’ where she portrayed a character based on Alexis Neiers.
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12. She’s a video star
Watson appeared in a music video for the song ‘Say You Don’t Want It’ by the band One Night Only.
13. She turned down Disney before
Watson was offered the role in Disney’s live action adaptation of Cinderella, but turned the role down. Lily James ended up with the title role.
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14. GQ is a fan
Watson was named ‘Woman of the Year’ by British GQ in 2013.
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15. She dedicated an award to her pet
In 2014, Watson dedicated a Britannia Award to her hamster which died during the filming of the first Harry Potter movie.
16. She’s a model too
Watson’s off-screen modeling work has included stints with Burberry and Lancome. She shot a Burberry ad campaign with her brother Alex.
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17. She’s an advocate for women
Watson was named a Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations in 2014.
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18. She likes to hide books
In 2016, Watson made headlines when it was revealed she had been leaving books on New York subways.
19. Which Harry Potter book does she like best?
IMDB lists Prisoner of Azkaban as Watson’s favorite Harry Potter novel.
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20. She gave up a chance for an Oscar
Watson was offered the role of Mia in ‘La La Land’ which eventually went to Emma Stone.  She turned it down as she wanted to focus on her role as Belle.
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21. She’s a Disney princess
Watson stars as Belle in the live-action adaptation of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’
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22. When is her birthday?
Emma’s birthday is on April 15th. Watson shares a birthday with ‘Beast’ co-star Luke Evans.
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23. She’s been keeping journals for years
Buzzfeed reports that Watson journals every night and has filled approximately 30 journals in her lifetime.
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