‘Bridge Headset’ For iPhones Review, Prices And News; Get The Best VR Experience With The Mixed Reality Device – Shop Now

‘Bridge Headset’ For iPhones Review, Prices And News; Get The Best VR Experience With The Mixed Reality Device

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The “Bridge headset” was just released to enhance the VR experience of the iPhone users. The device is actually giving Mixed Reality, which gives the virtual environment in the real world and is found to be highly useful for gaming. Here’s what makes the device an excellent one among many:

The Bridge headset is working in a specifically designed software called Bridge Engine that mixes the real world with virtual objects. There was a long problem that people were not getting good quality VR headsets for iPhones and that issue has been resolved with the new device. The advantage is that people can wear the Bridge headset and move around, whereas pure VR headsets won’t give users free movement as they can’t see what is in the real world.

The Bridge headset is giving wonderful VR experience and at the same time, it gives few advantages as it also provides Mixed Reality experience. The users can watch a movie while walking on the corridor and in the street by wearing the headset. They can also view the world in a different dimension. The Bridge headset is made by Occipital and is available in limited quantities for $499, and from March it will be available for $399 as it comes for wider release.

The Bridge headset has a Bluetooth enabled controller and a number of cameras and sensors in the front which capture the real world along with the iPhone camera. This gets finely mixed with VR and giving a new experience to the user. It works quite similar in the way of Microsoft Hololens, but this is not meant for industrial use or an AR device. It is mostly for gaming, watching movies, creating beautiful surroundings. In comparison though, the Bridge headset is much cheaper than Microsoft HoloLens.

The Bridge headset is not very innovative in terms of VR or Mixed Reality, however, it easily translates the VR experience to a wearable headset that also mixes real world at a reasonable price. Future transformation of the device may make it more easily wearable and light. Maybe by then, there will be people in the footpath and parks wearing the device and walking around or jogging as ther enjoy their virtual world as they listen to music.